APRIL 20, 2022

The 2022 Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship competition was held on April 20 at The Fabulich Center.  Fourteen Pierce County public high schools participated.  The scholarship applicants were selected by their high school counselors and career guidance specialists.  Local businesses sponsoring students included:  Auto Warehousing Company, ILWU Local 22, Orion Marine Group, Tacoma Rail, Washington United Terminals, Jen & Chris Brown, Husky Terminal & Stevedoring, Northern Environmental, Donna & Dave Rink, and TOTE Maritime Alaska.  An additional contribution was made by Aequalis Photography, and our Event Sponsor was the Port of Tacoma.  Special recognition goes to U.S. Oil for their $4,000.00 contribution and Matson Navigation for the $3,000 contribution.

The scholarship was awarded to the student with the highest score computed by five judges for financial need, grade point average, community and school involvement, letter of recommendation, and a verbal presentation.  This year’s topic was, “For your career after graduation, if you could choose any job at or related to the Port of Tacoma, what would it be, why, and what kind of difference do you think you could make in that position?”.

The 2022 recipient of the $4,000.00 Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship award was Connor Reschke from Emerald Ridge High School.  A second-place award of $2,000.00 was presented to Brandon Baker from Eatonville High School, and third place, with an award of $1,500.00, went to Abbey Goetz of White River High School.  $200.00 cash was awarded to the following scholarship participants:  Esmeralda Marquez of Bethel High School, Elijah Harris of Curtis High School, Daniel Ige of Fife High School, Aiysha Ali of Foss High School, Ge-Sue Yang of Harrison Prep High School, Amanda Clough of Peninsula High School, Xaia Davis of Silas High School, Al’man Mohammad of Spanaway High School, Sean Carey of Stadium High School, Holland Perry of Steilacoom High School, and Kate Hettel of Sumner High School.

The total scholarship award for 2022 was $9,700 with a twenty-nine (29) year total of over $218,600.00 in cash and merchandise.

Management of the Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship is overseen by the “Past Presidents’ Club” of The International Propeller Club of the United States – Port of Tacoma chapter.  The Scholarship Committee consists of:  Ron Mason, Candy Nigretto, John Page,  Heather Shadko, and Terry Velasco.  Special thanks to Rod Koon for being our emcee for the day.

The Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship Fund is supported by contributions from the Tacoma Propeller Club, its members, local businesses, labor, memorials, private donations, and local charities and foundations.  Donations may be made to:  Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship Fund, P. O. Box 453, Tacoma, WA, 98401.paragraph here.

January 17, 2003

We were finally able to meet at the Longshore Hall again after the pandemic.  The Spaghetti Extravaganza is probably the most popular meeting of the year.  Thank you to ILWU Local 23 for hosting, the cooks who prepared and served a delicious meal, the members who set up, and especially the Ladies Auxiliary who made the venue look like a fine-dining restaurant!

Todd Vincent, President, Tacoma Propeller Club, opened the meeting with club updates.  He also recognized a new Business Level Membership, GSC Enterprises, and their Sales Representative, Chris Schenk, provided some information about their company.  Todd also thanked the Board for all their volunteer time and work during the year.  Jared Faker, President, ILWU Local 23, was our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  He introduced William Adams, President, ILWU, who delivered some inspirational words on his beginnings in the maritime industry.  Adams then introduced our Keynote Speaker.

Guests were privileged to meet and listen to Retired four-star General Stephen R. Lyons, Port and Supply Chain Envoy to the Biden-Harris Administration Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force.  He began his remarks by thanking the ILWU for “making this industry hum”, especially at the start of the pandemic and long before PPE was required.  Lyons gave us an overview of why it took so long to get through the supply chain disruption, and how it will take a collaborative effort to better delivery times.  “Reliability is a critical area of the supply chain”, and some inefficiencies were discovered in the public sector.  He and his team will be taking steps not to revert back.  Lyons continued about the strong relationship between maritime and national defense.  He closed by thanking the Tacoma Propeller Club for all the work they do to introduce and educate citizens to the maritime industry.

 The diverse crowd enjoyed a great evening of camaraderie and networking.  We were happy to see all our Port of Tacoma Commissioners, and Eric Johnson, Executive Director, Port of Tacoma.  Both City and County Councilmembers attended, as well as Representatives from the offices of Senator Cantwell and Representative Kilmer.  Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland attended, along with officers from the Youth Marine Foundation, Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator, Pierce County Central Labor Council, and ILWU Locals 22 and 98.





January General Membership Meeting

Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship