“Do You Want To Know A Secret”?

Rod Koon started at the Port of Tacoma in 1983…seems like just “Yesterday”…and is a big part of their success.  He helped start the Annual Boat Tours, Gong Show, and Chili Cook-off.  He is passionate about shipping, the maritime industry, and tideflat businesses.  He has also been there for the Tacoma Propeller Club, along “The Long and Winding Road”…if he’s not emceeing the Chowdown, he’s coming up with creative and unique ideas to promote our Club.  Rod is very involved in his community, volunteering with United Way and Emergency Food Network.  And after “A Hard Day’s Night” he might jam with his band, The Possible Solutions.  That’s why he is our 2018 Pierce County Maritime Person of the Year. 

Congratulations, Rod, and “Let It Be”.

You were challenged by the best of the best from all the yacht clubs in the Northwest and earned first place in Dress Power.

The opening day of boating season in the Northwest is hosted by Seattle Yacht Club and is the premier event of the year. Over a hundred boats participated in the marine parade and viewing boats lined the parade course for nearly two miles.

 It is an honor to represent Sea Scouts in the best of traditions. We do this in a historic wooden boat manned by a crew of teenagers. A compliment to our crew.

Our journey to excellence started in August 2018. It included 4 engine rebuilds over a period of 6 months, extraordinary rank advancement with 6 Quartermasters, a snowed in February, 2 weeks in dry dock, the land and marine daffodil parades and many more community service events.

There were many steps along our path that had to be met and in the end the sum of the total was grand achievement.

 Tom R

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Scholarships are awarded to the students with the highest score computed from grade point, community/school involvement, financial need, letter of recommendation, and a verbal presentation.

If you like seafood, you'll love this event. Every year the Tacoma Propeller Club hosts an annual Membership Drive better known as "CHOWDOWN!".  Proceeds from the event go toward the Lelli Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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Congrats Curtis Crew

  • To promote and support maritime interests and commerce in the Puget Sound Region.
  • To support existing business and related services, including the American Merchant Marine and the Port of Tacoma.
  • To foster understanding and cooperation in the public and private sectors with regard to maritime issues.
  • To support the objectives and program of The Propeller Club of the United States.
  • To maintain support of student education through scholarship funding.

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May 15, 2019 - Maritime Day Lunch - John Parrott FOSS - Keynote Speaker

May 17, 2019 - Chowdown

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June 18th - Tacoma Waterfront 5th Annual Crab Feed: