Officers & Board

  • To promote and support maritime interests and commerce in the Puget Sound Region.
  • To support existing business and related services, including the American Merchant Marine and the Port of Tacoma.
  • To foster understanding and cooperation in the public and private sectors with regard to maritime issues.
  • To support the objectives and program of The Propeller Club of the United States.
  • To maintain support of student education through scholarship funding.

Our Purpose

​​​​The Tacoma


Propeller Club

JULY 2018 – JUNE 2019


President - Sandy Leek 
Vice President - Dave Rink
Treasurer - Vickie Markland
Secretary - Debbie Moore
Immediate Past President - Paul Watson


Brenna Johnson

Todd Vincent

Nick Nickolas

Anissa Stella

Pete Marzano

John Ostrowski​​

Tom Rogers - Sea Scout Representative

Candy Nigretto - Executive Director